Calder Helsbane

A traveled warrior ready to go to Valhalla


Born to a family of long-lived warriors, his family’s tradition of dedicating all killings to Hel is nearly considered a superstitious curse..

He spent his life as a Varangian Guard, Vikings pledged to be the personal guard of the Emperor of the Byzantine Empire. He has traveled farther than anyone else in his village, and has seen things that nobody else will believe. Vast dunes, lush forests, lakes saltier than the ocean, people with skin black as coal, religions around a single god.

Now home, he is silver and wishes only to join his brothers in Valhalla. He dresses as the Varangian guard did, which sets him apart from the warriors who stayed at home. He has above average wealth from his pillaging days but lives alone and apart from the village.

“Odin is angry with me…he will not invite me to Valhalla, and Hel is sated on the souls I have sent him and has no interest in taking me. I long to die in perfect glory.”

Calder Helsbane

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