Vérún Úlfheiðr

A wandering vǫlva living on the fringes of Norse society.


Raven Clan Vǫlva: (Analogous to Phoenix Shugenja)


Vérún was the last born daughter in a long line of children to a farmer of moderate means. As such, with few traditional prospects in the shadow of her many older sisters, Vérún and her parents instead opted her to follow an old vǫlva that was passing through their village and eke out a living that way. Though a free woman, she will hold no lands, take no husband, and sire no children. Rather, her life is expected to be spent in commune with the gods, wandering the lands and proffering her skill in exchange for hospitality. She has accepted the life of the wanderer with no regrets, and instead embraces the great powers that her close relationship with the gods have offered her. From the old vǫlva she learned much of the ways of the gods, and hopes to one day also show the old woman’s talent for unlocking the secrets of the future.

As Vérún has spent nearly her entire life as a wanderer in the woods, she feels most at home there or in quiet meditation, rather than in the relative hustle and bustle of village or town life.

Vérún Úlfheiðr

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